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Award based on 10 objective criteria associated with providing quality services to clients such as credentials, experience, and assets under management among other factors. Wealth managers do not pay a fee to be considered or placed on the final list of 2014 Five Star Wealth Managers. 

Congratulations for being honored as a Five Star Professional Wealth Management Team!


"I have had the pleasure of meeting Daniel Foran at a retirement class that was offered by his group. I am not of retirement age, but had been doing some research into all aspects of personal finance, since I also teach it.  I was impressed by his patience and ability in answering some difficult questions that people have. He is straight forward and honest.  Since then, Daniel Foran has been a guest speaker for my own personal finance class,  at Rutgers University, for a number of semesters now...and I  hope that he will continue to be for the foreseeable future. I find him very informative,  knowledgeable,  and warm.  His approach is very genuine and extremely easy to relate to. My students have often commented that he is one of their favorite guest speaker from my course! He is very hard working, indeed, makes a noticeable effort in  trying to reach out and import the crucial need for financial planning and management. I have too often  seen how the contrast in proper financial planning and management, versus poor or no financial planning; and its effect not just on the current generation...but how it extends to the next generation as well. We can  never truly be prepared for everything, but we can certainly make an effort to plan for it. Daniel Foran and his group are an amazing source for financial planning."

Mary Evans
Personal Finance lecturer
Rutgers University

For more than 30 years, Foran Financial Group has been committed to helping families and individuals address their life goals.  We specialize in developing unbiased, customized investment and income strategies for the long term.  With a full understanding of the complexities and possible pitfalls of retirement planning, we seek to help build and protect your wealth throughout your retirement. 

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Our WealthVision℠ tool provides you with a secure, customized website that allows you and designated family members to see a complete real-time snapshot of all your financial balances across various financial accounts and institutions. You'll have 24/7 access and full transparency of all account information and activity. With your permission, the site can be accessed by your other trusted advisors, including attorneys and accountants.  Learn More...