Smart retirement for our clients

Foran Financial Group aims to be the provider of stellar retirement planning services.

We link people, investments and technology through Goal Planning and Monitoring (GPM) software — a proprietary visual platform that simplifies smart solutions to meet the varying needs of our clients—offering transparency and flexibility to potentially make wise, cost-effective choices.

Raymond James started with the challenge of finding a way to align financial decisions with your unique vision of retirement, while enabling you to add highly personalized objectives and track results!  This highly-interactive tool lets you explore a myriad of options, demonstrating economic value for clients.

It takes a smart company to change from business as usual and cause a shift in the industry—and that’s what Raymond James did.

We can present plan results to you on an iPad, on a monitor in our conference room, or in an intuitive printout. For the ultimate in convenience, you can use the Investor Access client site to access information yourself.

GPM also offers interactive “what if” tools such as PlayZone®, a Social Security optimizer and a series of realistic “stress tests” to enable us to easily and quickly test changes or potential risks to your plan. Once you have accepted your plan, we’ll use GPM to track your progress over time.

we offer:


At Foran Financial, we care deeply about the people we serve. Your comfort and trust always remain our highest priority as we help you make financial decisions that are completely tailored to you and your goals. We work with you every step of the way to design a comprehensive investment strategy and action plan that will exceed your standards. To achieve this; we use and value open communication, financial guidance and customized strategies that will be continuously monitored as we progress.

meet and discover:

To get started, our first meeting will require that you complete a confidential financial profile. As a team that believes in accountability, we will work together with you to review your current status while exploring your immediate and long term financial goals.

prepare and recommend:

Having garnered all the information we need from you, we set to work by designing a comprehensive plan with realistic strategies that we are sure will deliver exceptional results. More so, we recognize everyone has different situations and needs, so we ensure that these strategies are completely customized to you.

implement and monitor:

We don’t just implement the strategy ourselves, we bring you through each step along the way. Throughout the process, we carry you along by our open and frequent communication – and make ourselves available to you to address any concerns or questions you may have.