Life stages. They say every stage of life comes with it’s own special needs. With us by your side, you won’t go through any of it alone. We always strive to understand not only where you currently are in your life, but we also help pinpoint where you want to be in the future. Together we work to design a comprehensive and highly personalized financial plan for yourself and your family. To this end, we’ll help you determine where to start and what to focus on to achieve your set financial goals.

Retirement planning. There is no doubt that quality of life has improved and people are living longer today than ever before, but it takes very careful planning to go 30 years without a paycheck and still afford the kind of lifestyle you have dreamed about and worked towards. You won’t feel worried or lost if you have us to plan and guide you through every phase before retirement. During your years of working, we collaborate with you to develop and monitor a wealth accumulation plan that is tailored to your set goals and objectives. When you approach retirement, we activate the retirement phase where we help you with critical decisions regarding retirement plan options, social security and tax planning. Once retirement sets in, we come up with a proven tax-efficient income and wealth transfer strategies designed to help you.

Promise. Our mandate is to serve as our clients’ financial advisor for life and this we do not take lightly. We handle all matters related to managing and preserving your wealth while building a sustainable legacy to help our clients enjoy the lifestyle they work so hard to build.


If you are a parent or guardian to someone with special needs, you might be wondering how to ensure their needs are taken care of - no matter what happens. Our team of experts will put together a well thought out plan that guarantees your loved one will enjoy the kind of life you envision for them.

John Foran on our team is a Chartered Special Needs Consultant. 

"The ChSNC® is the only credential on the market designed to provide special needs families with an advisor competent to address their unique concerns.

ChSNC® designees are equipped with the specialized skills needed to help parents and caregivers plan for the future with honesty, ethics and compassion. A ChSNC® can navigate the unique considerations, estate planning, special needs trusts, life insurance, tax deductions, healthcare issues, Medicaid complexities, and the emotional aspects of providing for a loved one with a disability.

That robust planning foundation is expanded through the specialized content of three courses that narrow and sharpen their focus on the needs of people with disabilities and other special needs." (To read more about why having a ChSNC® is so crucial click here)

A different shade of 529. The Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act of 2014 created the federal framework that allows parents to fund long-term care for a disabled child in a tax-free savings account (similar to a 529 account), for the life of the child. The funds are held in a way that preserves eligibility for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and potentially Medicaid assistance. These types of means-tested benefits come with tricky rules for eligibility, which is why it’s important to work with a specialist to help navigate the opportunities and see them through for your family.

Special needs trusts. These common financial and estate planning tools are third-party trusts structured so the beneficiary doesn’t own the assets directly, allowing continued eligibility for need-based government benefits, such as Medicaid and SSI. The trust can be funded with just about any type of asset: securities, real estate or cash. We can help assess what’s right for your situation and structure the trust in a way that benefits your loved one in the best way.

Naming a trustee and guardian. Administering these types of trusts can be complex, so choosing the right trustee is crucial. This person will be given absolute control over the distribution of trust assets, be mindful of the beneficiary’s disabilities, be assertive about claiming entitlements, and invest the trust funds wisely. On top of all this, the trustee also must keep up with any laws regarding trusts and public benefits. This is one reason why many families choose to appoint a professional as sole trustee or co-trustee, or work with family members in a trust advisory committee.

Also, for most parents, choosing a successor guardian is a critical, but difficult, part of the estate planning process. Once you’ve chosen a guardian, we can help you detail your preferences and instructions through an official will.


Nobody plans for some of life’s uncertainties, such as divorce. With our team standing by you, you can have peace of mind knowing you always have someone at the ready to listen and help you plan for all the possibilities that the future holds.

Jessica Weaver, on our team, is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA). 

"A CDFA professional is a financial professional skilled at analyzing data and providing expertise on the financial issues of divorce. The role of the CDFA professional is to assist the client and his or her attorney to understand how the decisions he or she makes today will impact the client’s financial future.

CDFA professionals provide the client and attorney with data analysis that shows the financial effect of any given settlement. They become part of the divorce team and provide support on financial issues such as:

  • Understanding the short-term and long-term effects of dividing property.
  • Analyzing pensions and retirement plans.
  • Determining if the client can afford the marital home, and if not, what he or she can afford.
  • Recognizing the tax consequences of different settlement proposals.

Much of a CDFA professional’s role is collect the client’s financial data and perform analysis. CDFAs can help manage a client’s expectations of their financial future by presenting different scenarios and talking through the client’s budget and expenses.

In some cases, CDFA professionals are called upon to act as expert witnesses in court or in mediation proceedings." (To read more about why having a CDFA is so crucial click here)

A trusted partner. Trust is everything in a relationship and when it comes to divorce cases, it is imperative to have a reliable support group. For spouses who are our clients, we already have great knowledge and insight into your financial situation, so you can trust us when we say this will prove to be extremely beneficial.

Helping you prioritize. Without mincing words, clearly differentiating your finances from those of your spouse comes with a lot of financial implications; more so, they come at a period of heightened emotional stress. Again, there are many serious decisions to make - like retitling of financial accounts. We will work with you through every process to make sure that we get it right together.

Planning together. You don’t need to feel afraid that you may not be able to manage your savings properly moving forward. This may be the first time you’re going to be managing your financial affairs alone, so just know that no matter the case, we are here to help you discuss the overwhelming decisions that come with change. We will be your trusted advisors in helping you to resolve any and all issues and concerns while mapping out a clear financial plan to help you move forward.