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Meet Andy and Maria1. They’re in their late forties. Maria owns a successful specialty food company and Andy is an attorney. They have two kids in high school. Recently Maria’s father got very sick and had to spend some time in intensive care. He’s better now, but that was a wakeup call, since the couple had no will or estate planning of their own. They’re good savers and have a considerable investment portfolio. It has done well and their broker has been of help with that, but she unfortunately doesn’t provide any in-depth financial planning. She simply recommended a CPA and an estate planning attorney to them. That experience prompted them to look for full-service financial planning.

They met with their Foran Group Financial Planner to begin prioritizing and planning. Their advisor helped them build a plan. The comprehensive financial plan reflected their goals and addressed their needs to preserve their wealth, manage risk, and ensure resources for their kids if something happened to them. They also did tax planning and created a college funding plan.

Foran Financial Group helped them with:

  • Creating a comprehensive financial plan, so they have a road map to the future
  • Carefully managing their risk, so they don’t suffer outsize losses
  • Funding college in the most tax-efficient way
  • Estate planning to help ensure loved ones are protected
  • Asset and wealth preservation
  • Regular support and check-ins to keep them on track to their goals

1 The people and personal stories depicted are fictitious but the scenarios summarize financial situations and challenges that our clients face. The investment profiles are hypothetical and are presented only as examples and are not intended as investment advice. Please consult with your financial advisor if you have any questions about these examples and how they relate to your own financial situation.

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