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Our Story

Foran Financial Group’s story is all about family.

Dan Foran, the Founder, was drawn to the industry when he found his mother struggling with managing the family’s finances after his father passed away. He saw that most of the advisors his mother spoke to offered product-based solutions, not real advice. It was then that he jumped in and successfully helped navigate the complexities of their estate.

Based on this experience, he saw a need to provide a true advisory practice to families, one based on real advice, not sales. That led to his work as an advisor, then later, the founding of Foran Financial Group.

At his new practice, Dan initially specialized in retirement planning. His goal for clients was to provide a clear financial road map, so they could simplify their lives and pursue their goals.

Later, Dan’s son, John, and daughter, Jessica joined the practice. It was not a big surprise since they had basically grown up in the business. Early on they helped by stuffing envelopes and other small tasks….today they are both credentialed advisors who help clients, too.

Along the way, other valuable staff members joined. While not all of these are family by blood, they more importantly all share Dan’s passion for providing valued advice and highly personalized services to each client.

Foran Financial Group’s efforts are supported by LPL Financial, a values-driven and conservative firm just like theirs. Together, they bring clients a high caliber of services and experience.

With our combined sixty years of investment management and financial market experience, we hope to help bring you and your family the personalized service you deserve.


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