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Financial Advice You Won’t Outgrow

“We help you build the road map, then we keep you on it!”

–Dan Foran, CFP®, CFS®, Founder

At Foran Financial Group, we’ve been providing full-service financial planning and wealth management to busy families for over a combined 60 years.

Because your needs change as your life changes, our diverse, multi-generational team is here to help you with whatever new challenges you are facing. As a fiduciary to our advisory clients, you can rest assured that you’ll receive valued advice that’s in your best interest.

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What Should I Expect?

Do expect:

Don’t expect:

Advice Personalized to You. Your life and your goals are unique. That’s why all of our services are customized to your specific needs, not to the average person your age.Cookie-cutter solutions. One-size-fits-all financial advice usually leads to poor outcomes. Instead everything we do is personalized to your needs.
More Listening. To best serve you, we listen….to your goals, your dreams, your responsibilities and your preferences. Only then can we build, and maintain, a financial plan that you want to stick with.Playing Guru. No one is served with a one-sided “expert” approach. Instead, we focus on collaboration and education. You’re busy, so it’s our job to explain things in plain language that’s easy to understand.

Active Risk Management. Many advisors simply let your money rise and fall with the market, but there’s too much at stake. Instead, we focus on preservation and conservative growth to help you avoid outsize losses.

Overly Passive Approach. While the ‘buy and hold’ approach can be appropriate at times, it can be damaging if done near retirement. That’s why we’re active risk managers, to help you avoid large setbacks.
Time-Tested Process. Your future is not an experiment. That’s why we use only time-tested processes to help you reach your goals. It’s not ‘get-rich-quick’…it’s doing it the right way so the wealth you build is sustainable.The Next Hot Trend. We don’t try to get you into Bitcoin or the latest hot sector. Instead, our focus is on real wealth building strategies, only, so you can make consistent progress toward your goals.
Real Advisors. Our team has the credentials, education and experience to guide you. You won’t be part of anyone’s learning curve.Salespeople. We act as your legal fiduciary, meaning we have to put your interests first at all times. So you won’t get sales…you’ll get our advice on what’s best for you.

The most important thing you can expect from our services? Financial well-being and confidence.

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